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Solid State Drives (SSDs)

Using a SSD as a boot drive is the single biggest difference you can make to a computer, it dramatically improves boot times and makes a huge difference to the responsiveness of the computer. Once you get used to using a computer with an SSD any computer without one feels seriously out of date. It is also great if you play games with long loading times, as it can easily cut the loading times by 70%.

Not all SSDs are created equal but with that said most are limited by the Sata3 interface at +-500 MB/s the big advantage that the Samsung SSDs have is the magician software that allows you to create a ram buffer for frequently used items mush like an SSHD but allowing the buffered files to be accessed at +-2000 MB/s. If you really want these kinds of speeds for general use then you can look at the M.2 NVE drives that can deliver +-2000 MB/s without ram trickery. This is about 4 times as fast as Sata3 SSDs, but comes at a higher price point.