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Internal Hard Drives

Hard drives are often one of the biggest bottlenecks in most builds, they are the source for most of the information that the computer needs to process. For this reason we don’t stock the slower models of hard drives and only start at 7200 rpm drives. These drives typically provide about 150 MB/s transfer speeds however the response time is slow as the drive still needs to turn to the right place and have the reading head move into position.

The way to improve this is to go with an SSHD this is basically the same 7200 rpm drive but with an 8 GB SSD buffer built into the drive. This stores all the frequently used files in fast flash memory giving those files very low latency. This makes frequently used programs and boot times much quicker and it is only a small price difference. Here is a link to a video that demonstrates the difference: Video

If you really want quick speeds go have a look at our SSD section they provide significantly faster speeds than even SSHDs. This is highly recommended for a boot drive and most of us here at keeps all our games on SSDs.