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Intel Processors / CPUs

If your main focus for a build is gaming then the CPU is often one of the areas where people tend to over spend. In our tests with real world gaming we have only seen about a 10% gain going from a 65w TDP 4 core i5 to a 140w TDP 6 core with Hyper Threading i7. This doesn’t hold true for all games there are some newer DirectX 12 games that use the CPUs potential more. However for most DirectX 11 games 10% seem to be about what you’re looking at on average. So if you have the cash the 140w TDP chips are definitely a nice to have especially as more DirectX 12 games are becoming available; but for most people we would recommend rather going for a 65w – 91w TDP and spending extra money on a Graphics card.


At the moment we would recommend the i5 6500 65w TPD as the best value for money. The next step up and if you want to get into some overclocking would be the i7 6700K 91w TPD. If you want to take a big step up then go for the 6 core i7 6850k 140w TDP (Very similar to the 4960x in the video) but keep in mind that this means a socket 2011 v3 board. Then if you really want to go crazy there is the 8 core i7 6900 140w TDP or even the 10 core i7 6950x 140w.